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All of the appliances you should switch off before going on holiday to save money

Make sure you aren't spending unnecessary money while on holiday.

Holidays can be expensive at the best of times. You have to think about accommodation, food activities, insurance all of which can add up to quite a bill. With the current increase in the cost of living, you don’t want to add to that bill by using unnecessary electricity while you are away.

This is where switching off energy-hungry appliances can save you that little bit of extra money which is so important at the moment. Property expert Thomas Goodman from MyJobQuote has shared which appliances homeowners should switch off before they go away on holiday and how much it costs if they don’t.

The list is pretty straightforward but its never a bad thing to remind yourself of where you can make a cheeky saving here and there, especially when you are out of the house.

Kettle and toaster

Both the kettle and toaster are not only fire hazards, but are significant energy drains when left plugged in. A typical toaster and kettle left plugged in and switched on will still use electricity, even though they are not in active use.

Together, they can increase energy bills during a seven-day holiday by over £14. Make sure they are both unplugged before leaving for a holiday.

Water supply

Even a slightly dripping tap can have a massive impact on water bills. On average, if a dripping tap is left to drip, it adds just under £11 per month to energy bills. This results in £130.80 being added to your annual water bill.

Not only can a water drip or burst pipe add money to an annual water bill but water can cause a significant amount of damage to a property, resulting in costly repairs. In fact, home insurance providers are estimated to pay out around £1.8million every day due to water leaks.

To stop this happening when you’re away on holiday, homeowners should turn off their stopcock. Homeowners will need to know where their stopcock valve is. It’s normally under the kitchen sink, in an airing cupboard or under the stairs.

Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi routers only use a small amount of energy as they’re meant to be left switched on the whole time. However, if homeowners are away for a few weeks, switching the router off can help reduce energy bills. The average Wi-Fi router uses just 0.008 kWh which means turning it off for a seven-day holiday would save just under £2.

Electric heaters

An electric heater must always be switched off when not in use. Leaving an electric heater on overnight is a fire hazard and can damage the socket it’s plugged into if it overheats. Before going away, ensure all electric heating devices are switched off and unplugged.


If you are going on holiday during the summer months, the experts advise switching your boiler off. However, some boiler systems may cause more issues when turned off for a long period. For example, some boiler systems’ valves or pumps can seize up.

Boilers that are serviced regularly or serviced before going on holiday by an engineer will be able to determine any issues that could have an impact. If you are going on holiday in the winter, however, then it is more advisable to leave the boiler switched on. Most modern boilers have an anti-freezer setting which means homeowners won’t come home to frozen pipes.

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